Liquid Love with Java House - Review and #Giveaway

Kevin and I have always been big coffee drinkers.  We have even gone through at least five coffee makers since we've been married.  As in most homes, we have changed over to primarily using a pod coffee maker for all of our hot beverages.  We love that we can each have our favorite blends (our tastes are quite different) and the kids can even have hot chocolate within seconds of us making tea or coffee.

In my opinion, most coffee drinkers are divided into two groups with a few floating in between - Those who drink their coffee black AND those who take creamer with a side of coffee.  The reason for this is because most coffee has a bitter flavor because of the hot brewing process.  However, I recently discovered a company that has changed the coffee pod game for my family in several ways.

Java House recently launched their new dual-use liquid cold brew pods.  Not only am I the "creamer with a side of coffee" type but I am a huge fan of iced coffee.  I hate how difficult it can be to make a cup of sweet iced coffee at home that doesn't taste watered down.  Java House has completely changed that for me.  "Having cold brew served hot equals a less bitter, less acidic, and overall naturally sweeter and smoother cup of hot coffee."

Their liquid pods make it super easy regardless of how you like your coffee - cold or hot.  "Each of the liquid pods feature their delicious cold brew in concentrate form (instead of the grounds you find inside a traditional pod). That means you can open, pour over ice, add water and enjoy. Or, pop the liquid pod into your Keurig machine to enjoy a smoother cup of cold brew hot."

Available in light, medium, dark, or decaf roasts, we can each enjoy our level of strength whenever we want. Java House coffee pods contain no preservatives, additives, or coffee derivatives which means a healthier cup too.  The flavor was anything but watered down and instantly seems to have us hooked on all of it!  The intense flavors were amazing especially for something made in my own home!

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $8.99 - 6-count Liquid Coffee Pods
Or also available at your local Walmart and Target
Facebook:  Java House Cold Brew
Twitter: @JavaHouseCoffee

Giveaway:  Java House Coffee is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Month's Supply of Java House Liquid Pods (4 boxes) to try of their own!
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