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I've always considered myself an artistic person.  From a very young age I entered into art shows and loved drawing.  From there, my love for arts turned a bit more technical in the world of engineering and my DIY skills started to grow.  Even then, I never realized how many ideas I had and what I was capable of creating. 

Now as a writer, with the support of my husband and children, I feel like I can truly explore all the ideas spinning through my head.  Not only do I write and tell stories but I love to create...well, anything.

Over the past couple years, I've enjoyed tons of gardening as well as making my own green friendly items like cleaners for the house.  Because of my extensive restaurant background, I love making homemade recipes from scratch like my own baby food or things like granola bars from scratch. Designing and organizing any space has always been a stress reliever for me.  I've even been pretty big into sewing my own creations from cloth napkins to little boys ties.

After spending the last year watching all the creations some close friends and family have made using a neat device called the Cricut, I finally splurged and got myself one.  So my latest DIY projects have included glassware, decals/decor, and personalized clothing.  My biggest passion in the craft world though is creating anything Green Friendly. 

Now, I definitely hate spending money, so creating my own products helps my family financially.  But, I also feel great creating products that follow the three R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  If there is a material I can reuse, believe me I will repurpose it.  If something new needs to be purchased, I try to use every bit of it and very little ever goes in the trash.  If I can, I try to find earth friendly materials for all my projects when available.

I share this with all of you as I hope to begin sharing some of those awesome projects with you.  Whether, you've got questions, need project ideas, or just enjoy hearing stories from a fellow crafter, I hope to share a little bit along my way.  In the future, I might even start back up my shop and start creating some of the fun for others to enjoy.  Feel free to comment below or on social media what questions you might have and what projects you'd love to see and hear all about!

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