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Because I consider myself an artistic person, I love learning new skills.  As of lately, I've been working on a lot of home decor crafts.  Not only are there lots of new home trends going around reusing items like pallets but we are potentially planning a move to a new home again.  Instead of buying new décor, we are trying to get creative with the old decor. 

There is really no reason in my eyes to buy something new when I can turn it into a family activity together as well as repurposing something that could potentially end up in the dumpster.  Even though I have an awesome gadget like the Cricut which helps me create some pretty awesome decor, it isn't always the most budget or eco-friendly device. 

So when I discovered the company Stencil Revolution, I knew they would have some products I needed to get my hands on for my recurring craft needs.  "Stencil Revolution is a small, family-owned operation based out of Spring Hill, Florida. When you place an order, a member of our family personally cuts, packs, and ships it directly".

On my first, second, and third visits, I spent at least an hour browsing through all the designs they had AND that I wanted.  I was amazed at what a variety they had to choose from as well as all the sizes each design was available in.  There is a category for the big holidays, life events, pride of all kinds, the latest trends in decor, and of course all the basics.

For my first order, I picked out a few stencils I knew I would use multiple times for the new house as well as potentially for gifting crafts in the future.  The Distressed American Flag and Michigan/Georgia State Stencils were perfect for sporting our hometown and country pride.  The Rustic Farmhouse and Cluck, Oink, Moo stencils fit our farm decor and life.

As you can see from my pictures, I am still getting the hang of using stencils this large.  But, I am learning.  Honestly, if there was one thing I wish Stencil Revolution had, it would be a tutorial section or a blog.  For my readers hoping to try out stenciling themselves using the wonderful designs from Stencil Revolution, I suggest a few things:

  1. Be sure to secure stencil to the surface so it is completely flat and will not shift.  Do so by either using an adhesive spray (which can later be washed from the stencil) OR taping the stencil to the surface.
  2. Cover any surface area you do not wish to paint with paper or something to keep free from any stray paint.
  3. Spray a light coat first of spray paint.  Once dry, repeat as needed to increase color darkness or thickness.
  4. Lay flat and let completely dry before removing stencils.

What I love is that Stencil Revolution, never outsources anything.  So when you order from this company not only do you know your buying 100% USA made products but you are supporting a small family business instead of a big corporation.  I was pleasantly surprised that each stencil arrived flat and in perfect condition (as this hasn't been the case with a lot of my recent crafting orders).  I highly suggest this brand to any crafter, home decorator, or anyone in the market for stencils regardless of the purpose.

Available to purchase/Cost:  Laser Cut Stencils starting at $4.79 From what I found, the highest cost for an extremely large stencil was $54.99

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