It's a Scary World When People Don't Care About COVID 19

Can you imagine looking one direction to see fellow nurses sobbing, the other direction to see them yelling, behind you they are quitting, and in front of you nurses are watching their patient's die faster than they can treat them?  Can you imagine the same coworker you ate lunch with less than a week ago, is now in the ICU fighting for her life after working the same shifts as you?  Can you imagine having to stand by while someone watches their loved one die behind a window?  Can you imagine not being able to help a friend grieving from the loss of her husband?  Can you imagine hearing a friend tell you how she is watching her high risk son die and being able to do little for the family?  Howabout hearing of a friend sitting in ICU dying because he hasn't received the appropriate medications?  Can you imagine your child working in the front lines in a COVID 19 only unit each day and not being able to even comfort her? 

I CAN and to each and everyone of these scenarios.  This is the reality of what is happening.  This is what I have to hear from my daughter who has only just begun her nursing career. 

I have to say my peace because...well, I always do.  Originally, I wrote most of this post during the first week of the COVID 19 outbreak here in the US.  However, I decided it was too sensitive of a subject to post and used the writing time to get out some of my feelings.  Now, I feel it is time to share it with a little more thought. 

Everyone is going to react differently to stress, especially a stress like this.   We all cope differently due to a variety of reasons which we've developed and learned over time.  Whether it's through prayer, drinking, humor, talking, or the exact opposite by going silent, we all need to remember to be kind and respectful to ALL others through this. 

I am truly sad to see that several people I know (as well as perfect strangers) that still don't think this is serious enough to stay home and cope from within the safety of your residence.  You are SAFE at home NOT stuck at home.  It sickens me to see that some of you are still choosing to go out shopping for unnecessary items or to play dates with your children or drinking and throwing parties with even small crowds.  I've even seen toilet paper thrown around as a joke or people out drinking while they left their children or compromised spouses at home to fend for their own.  I've seen some even worse scenarios that are too difficult to share.

My daughter (and mother, sister, niece, cousins, friends) work insanely hard in the healthcare industry each day to keep you all safe and healthy.  My Father drives a truck and is away from home/out of town 5 days a week like many drivers working extra hard and quick to get the things each of you need. Others like myself are trying to get food to those in need through food banks and pantries.  I have multiple family members with compromised immune systems.  I have friends who struggle with their health as well as the health of their children.  It is like a slap in the face in my eyes to continue seeing you all post of this blatant disrespect for these workers, family members, friends, and more.

While I do not believe this is the end of the world, it is a worldwide issue and some of you can't take a day let alone a week to just sit at home with your families?  I cannot wrap my head around this.  You chose to have children but you don't want them around especially at a time like this? You complain and complain about work but now you don't want to take the time off because the kids are home and stores are closed? (I'm talking about those getting paid to stay home, so don't get your panties in a bunch about that one).  You argue with friends or on social media about our government, leaders, and the coming elections.  However, now that they are all finally working together, you complain because they shut down the bars before St. Patty's day. 

I hope you don't plan on using our healthcare system when you start feeling sick or find out YOU may have come in contact or worse, passed it on to someone you care about.  I hope you don't plan on heading to that grocery store to get the 750th pack of TP the employees just restocked or the truck driver has finally delivered after a 15 hour shift driving across country (whether it "was on my regular shopping list" OK Suzy Q and Billy!).  You probably think that your also entitled to any checks that the Trump administration issue as well as the many freebies, discounts, or payment forgiveness that is going to come back to those who REALLY need it - YOU DON'T.  And god forbid you start to NEED help and assistance because you are hitting hard times and you've spent all your money "elsewhere", I hope you don't head to a pantry and take from those faces I see that truly need the help we give.

Then, when my husband leaves for the first time since the shutdown here in Michigan to get necessary medication, he sees not only the grocery stores full but the local restaurants full of patrons sitting inside.  It's shameful!  I don't care if your kids are upset that you keep them inside, they'll thank you when they are still alive and so are you.  I don't care if you think now is the time to support these local restaurants and businesses, it's NOT.  In reality you are only prolonging their losses over a longer period of time.  If people would stay the hell home, this virus would not continue to spread and require more shut down time.

We should all be coming together and listening to the suggestions made by our healthcare and government officials to slow the spread of this virus.  I am not saying I agree with the panic the media is spewing - I don't;  I am not saying I support everything our government officials are saying - I don't; I am not saying I even agree with the new policies and restrictions - I  don't. BUT, I am saying I respect the decisions made by our officials because I choose to live here; I respect those that are sick or concerned around me; And I respect all the workers in each category I've mention and all their hard work to help YOU, ME, AND US.

Please feel free to delete me, unfollow me, or unsubscribe if this bothers you.  Because, honestly I don't care if you don't.

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