The Health Benefits of Essential Oils

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Alternative medicine practitioners support the use of essential oils to heal or prevent various bodily conditions and ailments. These are some flowers and leaves whose oils have a positive impact on physical and emotional health.

For centuries, people worldwide have turned to chamomile to soothe upsets stomachs and ease insomnia due to its relaxing effects. Steeping chamomile and drinking it as tea is a traditional way to consume this herb. Lately, many people vape chamomile to enjoy its benefits.

Like Chamomile, people prize lavender for its ability to reduce stress. Although many people consume lavender as a tea or in baked goods, the most popular way to enjoy lavender is as an aromatic. lavender's essential oils can scent a room and promote relaxation by easing tight muscles when used in soap or added to a warm bath.

Clary Sage
For centuries, this herb, which gets its name from the Latin word for "clear," was used to promote good vision. Clary Sage oil is especially useful for reducing inflammation in the skin and joints when applied topically. It also eases menstrual symptoms by balancing the endocrine system. Although it too can promote relaxation, it is crucial to use caution with clary sage essential oil because it can be very sedating. Combining it with alcohol or drugs can increase their effects and potentially be dangerous. 

Tea Tree
This oil can repel insects and soothe the discomfort of their bites. Tea Tree oil has superior anti-bacterial properties, which make it a beneficial ingredient in mouth wash, household cleaners and hand sanitizers. For the same reason, tea tree oil can benefit personal hygiene by eradicating bacteria that contribute to body odor.

This oil is beneficial for treating sinus and respiratory inflammation by opening clogged passageways. Adding eucalyptus oil to an air diffuser is an easy way to breathe it into the nose and lungs, where it can relieve cold and allergy symptoms.


In addition to being widely used for cooking, rosemary provides many health and wellness benefits as an essential oil. It can promote mental acuity, and some research suggests that it can slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease. It is also known to relieve digestive upset by cleansing the liver. By promoting the production of anti-oxidants in the body, rosemary oil provides wide-reaching protection against cancer, heart disease and other chronic illnesses.

Essential oils, enjoyed in many forms, soothe and prevent minor conditions and ailments. As research into essential oils continues, we may learn of further health benefits that they can provide.

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