Big Barker Beds for my Biggest Fur Babies

I am pretty sure I've said this a thousand times but to me, pets are family.  They dedicate their lives to us and in return, we owe it to them to equally treat them with the same love and respect.  We have a house full of animals that we love and our lives surround them.  It's for this reason, that our pets even have their own room as well as places all over the house that they can feel comfortable.  
Six years ago, I was given the awesome opportunity to work with the company Big Barker Beds.  Since then, I have fallen in love with every quality and option available for the dog beds they offer!  "The only dog bed clinically proven to improve quality of life for big dogs.  The University of Pennsylvania completed a clinical trial studying the impact Big Barker beds have among dogs with arthritis. The results are significant; less pain, more mobility, a better quality of life."
Not only have we always had big dogs most of my life but we recently got our first Great Dane (one of the giant breeds).  It has taught me so much more about how important it is to take care of your dogs physical health in more ways than just exercise.  Giant breeds like Khaleesi commonly suffer from lots of mobility issues.  Big Barker Beds are "uniquely engineered to keep dogs youthful for longer and bring older dogs back to their best".
These are made in the USA with a whopping ten year warranty not to flatten at all.  Most dog beds we've tried over the years look nice and comparable but they tend to fall apart or flatten easily after only a short time of use.  After six plus years using my Big Barker Bed for three dogs over 50 pounds each and now a Great Dane addition, the original bed is still as full as it was the day it first arrived.  I won't lie, we were so impressed with the quality of the Big Barker bed that for the first couple months we had it, the kids even used it to jump and sleep on themselves. Sometimes, I still have to remind the kids that it's the dogs bed.  The cats even join the dogs on it some days.
When we first brought Khaleesi home, she chewed one corner of the headrest on our original bed and since then the two older dogs don't tend to let her lay with them on it.  Over the years, we've had a few "accidents" like this and other nasty disasters on the bed.  With the Big Barker bed, we don't have to worry about this being as big of an issue as the cover is BEYOND easy to remove since it has a zipper along 90% of the bottom of the bed.  We are actually able to wash the cover and put it back on easily.  But, if you're really concerned you can even purchase a waterproof liner to go with the bed for extra protection.  
We recently decided it was time to add another Big Barker Bed to our home as we are moving into a new home.  Since the dogs love to lay with us in the living room each night, we wanted to have a 2nd bed for the them to sort of have their own couch space.  While the price can be extremely intimidating to most people, I can tell you from my own experiences, you'll never need to buy another dog bed again (unless you want to add more to your collection like we did).  
Available to purchase/Cost:  Starting at $149 Premium Dog Bed 
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