Warm Up w/ the Refreshing Minty Taste of Junior Mints Hot Cocoa

Each year, the weather gets colder and colder here in Michigan.  While I truly despise the cold weather and snow, I very much enjoy certain perks that it brings each winter.  When the weather starts getting cooler, my beverages start getting warmer and the Tootsie Roll brand has exactly what my whole family craves.
While my husband and I are regular coffee drinkers, who doesn't enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate.  The kids just love hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.  So when my oldest asked for a big box of Junior Mints Hot Cocoa for Christmas, I wasn't surprised.  It's been a financial adjustment for her and her roommate as they adjust to budget life in their first apartment.  They love saving money and making their own hot beverages at home instead of buying from the big name coffee shops.
"Craving the flavors of smooth peppermint and indulgent dark chocolate in one warm and comforting cup? Now, your taste buds don’t have to choose. Cool, refreshing mint meets rich, luscious dark chocolate in the hot cocoa take on America’s favorite chocolate covered creamy mint."
Junior Mints K-cups taste better than the coffee shop with such a smooth and creamy flavor.  The minty taste isn't overpowering and kind of just gives you that refreshing hint of minty goodness.  Not only is she going to be thrilled when she opens this gift, I bet her brothers will be stealing a few K-cups to make a Junior Mints Hot Chocolate of their own!

Available to purchase/Cost: $19.96 - 40 ct. Junior Mints Hot Chocolate Pods
Twitter: @TootsieHotCocoa

Giveaway:  Tootsie Roll brand is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a box of Junior Mints Hot Chocolate K-cups to try of their own!
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Junior Mints Hot Chocolate

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