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For most people, their home is where they spend their most valuable time.  So being that we recently moved into a new home, we have been working hard to not only make it our own but to improve every aspect of our lives here.  Being an older home, it's outdated and in need of some desperate updates.  The previous owners were very inexperienced and did not take great care of some of the key areas of the home.  We knew we would have our work cut out for us and there are literally pages to our project list.

After some extensive research and shopping, I knew the brand Brondell was where I wanted to get started.  Not only do they create products for the everyday home, they service commercial and hospitality business's as well.  Coming from the hospitality industry, I know the standards and expectations are high and Brondell is a name I trust.  "Brondell prides itself on leveraging the best technologies to deliver unique, healthy home experiences for anyone looking to improve the spaces and routines they engage with every day."

Right away, I knew Brondell would prove to be a reliable brand as they seemed to focus on health in the core places of a home - air quality, water supply, and the bathroom.  Being that we are a rural home on well and septic, two of those three are key to keeping our home functioning AND keeping our accidental costs down.

Unfortunately, I consider myself to be quite a water snob and I drink at least ten glasses a day.  Being on well water makes it very difficult to keep up with my healthy water regime so the first area we needed to work on has been our drinking water supply.  Brondell's countertop Three-stage Cypress Water Filtration System appealed to our family right away.  Leaving beneficial minerals, the Cypress three stage system uses composite, carbon, and nanotrap filtration to create some of the best tasting water this water snob has ever had.  

It's easy installation is what we were most excited about.  With little plumbing knowledge, just about anyone can complete the installation.  Not only does it require no permanent plumbing changes but it's got a sort of "portable" ability.  Because it connects simply using your sink faucet, we plan to also use it in our RV when we head out for long trips this summer.  Quality drinking water is something that not everyone can afford but at this cost, many more can.  

The next product may not necessarily improve the quality of my home's functionality but it sure has improved the quality of an experience at the core of any home and daily life.  The LumaWarm is a heated nightlight toilet seat and a must in my opinion (especially living in Michigan).  It features 3 temperature settings, a nightlight, and a slow closing lid making it an all around awesome place to rest your bottom day or night.

There is nothing worse than taking a seat to do your business and literally freezing your butt off.  This happens quite often for me in the middle of the night and definitely during the cold winter months.  So this Mom decided she wanted a special seat just for her new bathroom suite.  Unfortunately, I hadn't planned for it to be a main attraction for all the boys in my home and now my bathroom is the main number 2 bathroom during the winter (hehe).  

Not only do I have to purchase at least one more LumaWarm for the main bathroom but now we are looking into one of the many Brondell bidet attachments for our bathroom.  My only hesitation is that multiple times, my husband has said he plans to never leave the bathroom if we have both a bidet and heated toilet seat!! 

Because the quality of both of these products has exceeded our expectations, we are now planning some of the other projects on our list around Brondell and all they have to offer.  As most septic homeowners know, toilet paper is a big culprit in breaking down your very expensive system and as the rest of the world might realize by now, toilet paper supply is limited and costly.  So we are especially excited about the Bidet seats and attachments.  There will definitely be more Brondell products in this house in the future and highly recommend considering adding some to yours as well!

Available to purchase/Cost:  LumaWarm Heated Toilet Seat $139.99
I also want to note that I LOVE the fact that I can purchase these items directly from Brondell instead of having to find a 3rd party retailer.

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