Waterhawk™ Smart Showerhead is Our Home Superhero

We recently moved into a new home and like anyone, we have begun making lots of changes to make the house "our home".  However, we aren't just personalizing it to be our own.  We knew this was our forever home which we were going to make as self sustainable and efficient as we could.  There are literally pages to our project list for each area of the house but we knew we wanted to start in the most "used" area of the home - the bathrooms.  Between having a houseful of boys and being a family of five, we feel our bathrooms are a key part of our home.  

We knew one of the easiest updates would be to change the fixtures over to not only update the look but the efficiency.  After researching the Waterhawk™ Smart Showerhead, I knew it was going to be extremely beneficial for our family and home.  What I didn't know was how useful it would turn out to be.

As a family of five, we tend to always have someone in the bath or in the shower each night and every morning.  This Mom loves her shower time and I try to maximized each one as it seems to be one of the very few times I get a little bit of peace and relaxation alone.  It's because of all of the above that I am frequently concerned about the amount of water we use and the length of time we are spending in the shower.  I can only imagine how much water we use in a day with all the laundry and showers.  So, if there is a way I can help save a little each shower bath I'm going to try to do it.  

The Waterhawk uses a an LED display to show your water temperature, length of use, and gallons used.  There is a quick color indicator which flashes between blue (cold temp.), green (ideal temp.), and red (hot temp.) I love that the LED display is powered by a hydroelectric generator which makes the showerhead battery free so there is no cost to operate it.  The Waterhawk is made to ONLY save you money!

More than saving money by monitoring everything, I have to share with you all how this showerhead helped us prevent a major disaster at our new home.  Within two weeks of moving into the home, we installed our Waterhawks in each bathroom and fell in love with all aspects of the showerhead.  While showering one day, my husband noticed the Waterhawk flashing and shortly after the water pressure died completely, leaving only a trickle of water.  After letting time pass, the water resumed like nothing had happened.  A week passed and the same thing occurred. 

We knew right away that this was a sign of an underlying issue and we needed to do some troubleshooting right away.  We ultimately had to have a plumber and well specialist come into the home.  This was the perfect storm in the making and our Waterhawk alerted us ahead of time.  Because of the disaster all of this could have resulted in had we not known ahead of time, the Waterhawk has been a true lifesaver for our family!
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